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Illegal Fishing, Poaching, Littering, Dumping

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This area is to allow anglers to report illegal activities, be it dumping by locals, pollution by farmers, poaching of fish or littering by anglers! Here you can add in the details, plot them Google maps (as best it allows) and upload photos. We will then inform the relevant fisheries board / water keeper / council by email and hopefully in the near future by SMS/MMS text. The idea is that issues will be reacted to quickly and hopefully more culprits are caught. Photos that include car regs and actual people will not be made public, but will be forwarded to the relevant authority. We have developed a simple way of reporting this information, the 3 W's: Where? What? Who?

We appreciate your help in reporting illegal activities. Since we take these matters very seriously, member reports that lead to violaters being caught will be rewarded with substantial amounts of Prebait points!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this service, please contact us.
You are not logged in, so your report will be submitted anonymously. Please login or register if you wish to be contacted regarding your report of illegal activity.
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