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Cheers to all above for the info, will look that venue up BigB,
Just back from half a day at hazelwood, started off somewhere else but it was grim so made the call early to go and try hazelwood, since it was only for a few hours and our first time the fella let us fish 2 rods each, very good of him, i fished a waggler at about 2 foot and had bite every cast near enough, roach, rudd and small perch best roach to about a pound. My other rod was ledgered sweetcorn tench being the target, not a nibble, also tried the worm but only perch on it. Any tips for catching tench method/bait etc appreciated, only ever caught them at willis's lake in belfast, that was on maggot.

PS the casters were deadly for the bigger roach.
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