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Originally Posted by davydevil View Post
hi lads i know for a fact that there are carp at hazelwood me and noal the owner put 1400 in the 2 lakes i know noal very well and he would go out of his way to give you agood days fishing we went to tipperary 2 years ago and put 700 carp in each lake ,there is some monster pike in the big lake and tench as well i have had some great days fishing at hazelwood you want to give it another go, tight lines lads.

davy thanks very much, yes i have fished this lake before but had no clue of how to fish it, now im a little more knowledgeable and im hoping to fish it on sunday. Yes sometimes the wooden fence has been shut but i rang 'noal' and in advance told him of my arrival so hopefully gates will open this time! He said it was stoked well with 1300 carp when they first opened, (i guess a good few years ago) so maybe carp have gotten bigger. Davy, there are 2 lakes in it, which is better? The one closest to the house with the window looking out on it or the farther one back? Im hoping to land some carp on sunday, got my unhooking mat and a load of carp grub! If i don catch, at least im feeding them with my freebies! haha
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