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Coarse fishing  
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Coarse Fishing Lough Muckno, Monaghan, Ireland

Lough Muckno is on the east side of Castleblaney.
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Etiquette for Anglers on Lough Muckno The following set of rules, protocols and etiquette is expected to be followed by anglers who have been granted access to various sections on the lake shore. As Lough Muckno is used by the general public for various other activities other than angling, it is the expectation that anglers follow some simple, sensible and responsible rules. These are all subject to change and are by no means final. They are as follows 1. All cars have to be parked in the parking bays provided and no route or road blocked by any vehicle 2. All cars must be driven at a reduced speed, Lough Muckno is used by walkers and cyclists and caution must be taken 3. When driving through the Concra Wood Golf Course, consideration should be given to those who are playing golf at the time. It will be agreed in advance with the Golf Club of the time that vehicles will be entering and exiting so they can inform their patrons. We ask that it is done at these times only. 4. No litter whatsoever will be left on the banks and shores, should litter be found after an event, access may not be granted again. Lough Muckno - White Island Is accessed to the right of the carpark. This is by far the most popular coarse fishing venue on the lake and produces many 100lb bags annually. Waggler, pole and feeder methods all produce results at this location. The most popular swims are to be found below the wooded area on the eastern shoreline of the island. Fishing in this area is to about 6m but there is a shelf which can snag thefeeder so fish it short. There is excellent parking available in the field but anglers must be aware that the access road is liable to flooding during certain periods of the year. Stocks of bream. Black Island Is accessed as for White Island. There is a match stretch here, the bank is good for fishing into water of 10ft. Good catches here for perch, roach and bream. Lough Muckno - Concra Wood Is located by turning right off the N2 onto the N53 as you enter Castleblayney. After approximately 1.5km there is a signposted laneway to the left which indicates the way to this location. There are many swims in this area and it is a popular competition venue. Fishing is generally into depths 30ft along the stretch. This area produces great catches of quality roach, bream and pike. Lough Muckno - South Lodge Is accessed, as for Concra wood except the left turn is located 2.5km along the N53. This turn is signposted and takes you directly to the lakeside. This is an excellent fishing venue located close to the road and is suitable for disabled anglers or those with reduced mobility. Fishing on the inside of the islands is to around 5m to 6m. South Lodge regularly produces good catches of roach, bream and hybrids. There is excellent roadside car parking in this location. There is also a slipway here where boats can be launched. lough Muckno - Toome Point Is directly across from south point and is best accessed from the same direction. Access is through a gateway. Car parking is very limited between the road and the first gate. Care must be taken not to block the gate. This shoreline is clear and anglers can expect to locate depths from 3m to 8m. Feeder methods are effective and good catches of skimmers and roach are recorded at this location. Fishing by permission only so please check locally. Lough Muckno - The Gas Lake Is located on the northern end of Castleblayney on the R181 Keady road and is really an extension of Lough Muckno to which a short river connects it. Access is best from the western side from the Keady road. Bank fishing is limited. Care must be taken as the angler is faced by relatively deep water and very soft bottom.
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Species: Bream, Hybrid, Perch, Pike, Roach
Facilities: Parking. The email address to book/reserve sections or to get access to the fishing on Lough Muckno is coded lock System as advised at White Island Lough Muckno is now up and running since Thurs 20th December 2012. The same system will apply at Concra Wood in the coming week. A sign at the gate indicates the two numbers to be contacted for the access code for that day. On calling either number, you will be asked for name and car number and any other query you might have, will be answered if possible. You will then be requested to hang up and the code for that day will be sent to you by text. This is, so that you are in proper posession of the code number for leaving the section later that day. N.B On entering or leaving, press the lock closed and scramble the lock numbers. The Castleblayney community partnership meeting on the 20th December advised that the sections should only be used during daylight hours for the moment as the usage is being closely monitored by Monaghan County Council for evidence of anti social behaviour and incompatible practices. These will be the first two important fishing strtetches in Ireland accessed through this system, so it is very important that we all make special effort to ensure that it works well and causes no animosity or friction. If it works well we will be making efforts to introduce it to other areas, only where angling access is currently denied or is difficult to acquire for all the angling public so its up to all of us to show that anglers are up for it. Black Island access is unchanged and only available through contact with a key holder( list to be supplied in the new year following issue by Coillte) who will facilitate access subject to conditions required by Coillte, the owners of the land. On all stretches, bye laws relating to fires, litter, unauthorised killing of fish and consumption of alcohol are in force. On the 28th December 2012 at 11am all local anglers are asked to help with a litter pick and general clean up at the Cncra Wood stretch. This area is bedevilled with illegal dumping at present and anglers are endeavouring to assist the local agencies to stamp out this awful practice and give a lead in protecting and preserving our resources.
Number of swims: 1000
Season: All year round. search Lough-Muckno in facebook for regular updates
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Permits: Coarse fishing is free.
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