Coarse fishing  
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Coarse Fishing Grand Canal, Ireland

The Grand Canal from Dublin connects with the river Shannon at Shannon harbour.
Trimblestown Bridge Eel on the grand canal Eel on the grand canal Trimblestown Bridge Trimblestown Bridge Trimblestown Bridge
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Fishing here is for good catches of Roach, Hybrids, Perch, Tench & Eels.From Digby bridge to Landenstown bridge you can catch good Tench up to 6 lbs, with Rudd, Hybrids, Perch,Eel and some Bream. Above the bridge to Roberstown you can catch some Bream. Further along the Canal at Edenderry, you can catch good Bream, Rudd and Perch.
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Species: Roach, Hybrid, Perch, Tench, Eel
Number of swims: 0
Season: All year around.
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Permits: Coarse fishing is free.
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