Coarse fishing  
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Coarse Fishing Corkagh Park, Dublin, Ireland

graham sky view paddy tommy and a nice fish gary
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Coarse Fishing The coarse lake is a mature 4-acre water consisting of over thirty swims ideal for pleasure, corporate or match outings. There are a variety of features which attract fish throughout the year and carp are seen cruising the margins in the warmer months. The entire lake has marginal reeds that can be very productive for the close-range angler. Stock The main species in the course lake is carp, both common and mirror carp. The average weight is 4-5lbs. There are also some carp of specimen weight (12lb +). Other species in the lake include perch, rudd, roach and tench. Perch have been recorded to 2.25lb and rudd and roach to 1lb. The coarse lake was stocked with bream in 2006 and Tench were introduced into the lake in 2005. The coarse lake is the ideal place for newcomers to carp fishing or the experienced angler in search of some fine specimens. All tackle to catch these beautiful hard-fighting fish can be obtained from the on-site tackleshop. Best Baits Carp can be tempted using sweet corn and casters. Small boilies attract the larger fish and winning flavors are squid and octopus, monster crab, ming oil, and through the Winter months Tangerine, Black and Blue, Scopex, Tutti fruity and Pineapple.
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Species: Bream, Carp, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Hybrid
Number of swims: 0
Season: All year around.
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Permits: 15 Euro Half Day.
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