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Our Mission is to help anglers and the fishing industry so businesses can provide their goods and services more effectively and at a lower cost to the angling consumers.

The prebait web community provides the most complete information to coarse anglers in the UK and Ireland. The content is updated continuously and this is what makes one of the fastest growing web communities for angling. By being one of the most active gathering places for the angling public we are also well positioned for businesses to display their products and services. These businesses can have their own white label commerce website hosted within the very market they want to target.

We have developed sophisticated web based applications for these businesses to streamline their marketing, sales and customer support in order to stand head and shoulders above their competition. Our systems are available at modest prices with no development fee. The cost for a business to have successful web applications developed on their own could be massive. Plus our in-house development team is constantly incorporating improvements to keep our systems the most technology advanced. Each system was designed to allow the customer to easily input and update their own information without need of technical personnel.

Because of the high volume of traffic that visits the community,. It will increase their visibility to the consumers.

We have developed :

PrebaitMarketplace for manufacturers and retailers of fishing equipment and bait (coming soon ) Contact us below for more details

PreabaitStay for Accommodations providers (coming soon ) Contact us below for more details

Click on each specific system listed above to see detailed information and demo sites.

We get 19000 unique fishing users per month (May 2010 ), with 222,470 page impressions. 48% of our traffic is new. 88% of users are aged 18-40 years. is unique in also offering a social network specific to anglers. This user base can also be broken into a range of demographics based upon interests - Let us deliver your message to fishermen all over the UK and Ireland. CPM* Dimensions
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*CPM is frequently used in advertising to represent cost per thousand (where M is the roman numeral of 1000). When used in advertising it relates to the cost per thousand page impressions.
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